Marion students skip screen, find magic

Apr 13, 2018

Forget television screens; students at Marion's Sippican Elementary School were treated to a performance full of spinning plates, disappearing knots and even "time travel" on April 12.

The magic show, put on by international performer Scott Jameson (who has performed throughout New England, as well as in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia) was part of the school's "Skip the Screen Week." The week was meant to replace television and computer screens with alternate forms of entertainment for students.

Jameson whirled plates on sticks, juggled basketballs and made knots disappear from fabric. At one point, he called a student up on stage and asked her to hold out her hand as he blew up a balloon.

"Just catch my eyeball if it pops out, will you?" he asked.

A few moments later, he let out a scream, clapped his hand over his eye, and pulled it away to reveal a dangling eyeball. Several screams were heard in the school's auditorium before Jameson revealed the eyeball was a fake, and laughter broke out.

For his final act, Jameson said he was inspired by the book, "The Time Machine." Using different-colored grains of sand as the "time travelers," he poured the sand into a bowl of water, and then scooped out the sand again by color, returning the bowl to crystal clarity, as if no sand had ever been poured in.