Tabor to host biodiversity lecture on April 23

Apr 13, 2018

Tabor Academy will welcome David Remsen, Director of Marine Research Services at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, as part of its "Science@Work" lecture.  Remsen will speak on "What Biodiversity Tells Us About Ourselves and the World Around Us."

The lecture will begin at 6:30 p.m. in Tabor's Lyndon South Auditorium on April 23.

The Marine Biological Laboratory has been hosting scientific research and advanced educational topics for 130 years.  As Director of Marine Research Services, Remsen oversees the marine biological operations at the laboratory including the collection and welfare of a wide range of marine species.

Remsen grew up in and around Woods Hole and first started his career at the MBL as an undergraduate SCUBA diver for the facility he now directs. For more than two decades Remsen has combined and applied his love of marine biology within the field of biodiversity informatics, the applied use of technology on data and information pertaining to biodiversity.

Remsen returned to the Cape in 2012 after working in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a senior officer of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, a multi-governmental organization dedicated to providing access to the world’s biodiversity data. He is also a senior member of the board of the Catalogue of Life, an international effort to document all the world's species.

Employing the marine biodiversity of our region as a menu of biological systems, Remsen will present familiar and perhaps not-so- familiar marine species and introduce listeners to how and why they hold the key to some of the biological mysteries that can affect our lives.