Sippican School budget to increase 2.19 percent

Apr 11, 2018

The Marion School Committee approved a 2.19 percent budget increase for the upcoming school year.

The budget will rise from $5,929,109 to $6,058,909, with the increase attributed mostly to responsive classroom training, salary adjustments, new positions and bus transportation for special education students.

Sippican School plans to integrate a technology teacher into the library staff, and will move a part-time physical education teacher move to full-time.

Though there is a 30 percent increase in contracted services and utilities, there is a 49.78 percent decrease in other salaries. Both are due to the school deciding to outsource its custodial staff.

The bus transportation for special education students is up 28.41 percent, but special education services in general are down almost five percent.

The cost for special education services fluctuates year to year as the number of students who need the services changes.

Director of Student Services Mike Nelson said the last time Sippican School reported its population of students with disabilities it was at 20 percent.

“That’s right in the middle of the pack,” he said.

Sippican School Principal Lyn Rivet said enrollment is estimated to decrease slightly next year, but that it’s a moving target.

“With many new houses going up, enrollment is tentative,” she said.