Marion gets a spring cleaning

Apr 28, 2018

Boy Scouts, Tabor Academy students and Marion residents teamed up to give Marion a good spring cleaning on April 28.

“There are at least 50 to 60 people out there,” organizer Kristen Saint Don-Campbell said of the cleanup effort.

Cleanup volunteers went to Washburn Park to get orange vests, trash and recycling bags and gloves early on Saturday morning, before heading out to an assigned area to do some clean up. Crews went to County Road, Mill Street, Creek Road, the Village, Silvershell Beach and “every place you could imagine,” Saint Don-Campbell explained.

“There are a lot of nip bottles on Creek Road,” she said. “There was a dead deer on one street! And there were a lot of car parts.”

She added that some people called her and told her not to send people to their streets because they’d be cleaning it themselves.

The Boy Scouts not only went out and cleaned up around town, but they also worked at cleaning up Washburn Park, picking up trash and cleaning trees and brush from the ground.

Cole Gretton, a Cub Scout, said before coming back to Washburn Park he was down picking up trash by the wharf.

“There were a lot of drinks,” he said. “Beer and whiskey and stuff like that. There were lots of cups and bags of food.”

Additionally, Acushnet-based charity GiftstoGive held a drive at the park for people to donate unwanted things.

“We are so happy with this,” GiftstoGive representative Bob Collins said of the turnout and collaboration with the clean up. “I live in town too, so it’s even better.”