Art and science fair: Pop art and petri dishes

May 24, 2018

Rochester Memorial School's Science and Art Fair displayed the best of student creativity on May 23, from inventive science projects to student renditions of famous art styles and pieces.

Student Jessie Detrani explained her science project, which measured whether or not eggs float in salt water.

"I thought that eggs would float in water if there was four tablespoons of salt in the water," she said. She was correct in thinking that the eggs would float, but it took more salt than she had originally expected—she needed several more spoonfuls to make the water solution dense enough for an egg to float in it.

The students' science projects were inside the school's cafeteria, but artwork was flung far and wide. Art from students in grades one, two, four, five and six graced the gym, where sixth-grade students played the flute. Expressive animal paintings, papier mache chickens and bicycle art portraits were hung along the wall.

In the hallways, first graders' painted flowers, an homage to Georgia O'Keefe, were hung. Nearby were Project Grow's Van Gogh-inspired Starry Night paintings.

In the library, Plumb Library gave a preview of its summer reading program. The biggest draw of the night? Reading therapy dog Amos, whose presence, like the Pied Piper, drew children far and wide.