Sixth graders leave Old Hammondtown chock-full of memories

Jun 26, 2018

With a requirement to limit her thoughts to two pages, Sara Costa didn’t believe she had enough room to adequately describe what Old Hammondtown Elementary School meant to her.

“OHS isn’t something you can explain in five minutes,” she said.

Costa was one of seven student speakers to describe her experiences at Old Hammondtown during the school’s annual Grade Six Awards Ceremony on Monday, June 25.

Her story was one of several with similar themes: overcoming obstacles, making lifelong friends, learning through enjoyment, and missing Old Hammondtown. Together, them, along with 67 of their peers, will depart for junior high school next fall.

“Even at my worst days, I always felt I was at home at this school, even though I wasn’t,” said Remy Wilson, who described the school's teachers as family.

Noah Cormier remembered feeling lost when he entered Old Hammondtown in fourth grade. He was afraid. But as the year progressed, he could navigate the hallways by memory.

“I will never forget OHS,” said Cormier.

Teachers awarded students for perfect attendance and accomplishments various subject areas.

In presenting a Physical Education Sportsmanship Award, gym teacher Chad Cabeceiras provided an anecdote about recipient Emilia Perriera.

After he recognized her work at the end of gym glass one day, the Perriera responded: “Oh hey, Mr. C., you did a good job, too.”

“That really made my day,” said Cabeceiras.