Horses, ponies and a 'tribute' class for a fallen mother

Annual Marion Horse Show packs Washburn Park on the 4th
Jul 4, 2018

Denise Jop didn't make it to the annual Marion Horse Show, but her memory did.

The deceased mother of a rider was recognized with the Denise Jop Memorial Benefit class, the largest riding class of the annual equine event.

That competition was one 76 events packed into a day of competition in Washburn Park.

Riders as young as 4 years of age competed in a variety of styles including English, Western, saddle seat, driving, trail and miniature horse events.

The heat didn't slow down crowds moving in after the Marion Fourth of July Parade to watch the annual spectacle.

It also didn't slow down the riders, who were frequently advised that they could take off their jackets during events. Most of them didn't do that.

"It's part of your attire," explained show manager Hollie Danhauser.