Marion Selectmen give oyster farm initial approval

Aug 1, 2018

Selectmen gave two local men the initial approval to continue on with their request to start an oyster farm off Planting Island Cove.

Jonathan Howland, of Marion, and Matt Glynn came before selectmen for a second July 31, for a public hearing to get the board's approval for lease of a half acre of offshore land on the easterly side of Planting Island Cove for an aquaculture enterprise.

"Matt and I would like to start out with 50,000 to 75,000 oysters," Howland said, as Glynn sat next to him.

Howland said the land is off of Osprey Marsh, which is part of the Howland Family Trust. He said the half acre parcel would be accessed by land and sea.

Howland stated that the land's only neighbor is land maintained by Sippican Lands Trust, but Larry and Janet Reinhardt, of 13 Planting Island Cove showed up and said they were neighbors to where the proposed oyster farm would be located. The Reinhardt had no objections, and in fact Larry Reinhardt said he was in favor of it. Janet Reinhardt said they were only concerned that Howland and Glynn were aware of moorings in the area.

Marion Harbormaster Isaac Perry was at the hearing and gave his support of the location of the oyster farm.

"I think it’s a great location. I don’t see any problems," Perry said. "I think there’s plenty of room for the mooring and the grant."

Selectmen approved Howland and Glynn's request, which is the first stop in getting an an aquaculture license from the state. The men must now go through the state Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife process and then back to selectmen before beginning operation.