A choice in Plymouth County district attorney election

Aug 1, 2018

To the Editor:

I recently attended a talk given by John Bradley, former deputy first assistant district attorney for Plymouth County. John is seeking election to be district attorney for Plymouth County.

I must admit, I never really had thought much about what our county DA does, or why the job is important. After listening to John Bradley, I came away with a good understanding of why this job is so critical.

County DA’s hold tremendous sway in which crimes get prosecuted, how resources are allocated to fighting crime or preventing it and thus ensuring the safety and security of all of us who live in Plymouth County.

The incumbent, Timothy Cruz, has been in office since 2001. He spent millions of taxpayer dollars on private lawyers when the state attorney general could have represented him for free in a case brought against him by John Bradley for wrongful termination. The state also paid $248,000 in taxpayer monies to settle the suit against him. This enormous disregard for Massachusetts taxpayers should make you want to not reelect him.

To get John Bradley elected, we need voters to vote in the primary in September and write in John E. Bradley, 27 Burgess Road, Plymouth on the Democratic primary ballot.

Halima Tiffany