‘Every day is an adventure’: Marion Antique Shop celebrates 50 years

Apr 19, 2024

MARION — Marion resident Frank McNamee remembers attending antique shows with his mother when he was just 8 years old.

An interest was quickly sparked, and in 2024 McNamee is celebrating 50 years of officially being in the antiquing business.

McNamee, the owner of Marion Antique Shop, started a business with his mother when he was in high school as a part of her bigger plan to keep him out of trouble.

In college, McNamee would spend his summers buying and selling artwork and silverware out of a shop on Cranberry Highway in Wareham.

In 1988, McNamee was driving along Route 6 in Marion when he noticed a for sale sign outside of the building located at 335 Wareham Road. Long story short, McNamee purchased the building and has run his antique business out of it ever since.

Over time, McNamee has expanded his business and now also runs Marion Antique Auctions.

“We started Marion Antique Auctions 13 years ago, which has now really blossomed,” said McNamee. “We are now one of the largest auction companies in New England.”

McNamee holds three auctions each year in Marion. The next will be held on Saturday, May 4 at 10 a.m. at 13 Atlantis Dr.

According to McNamee, the auctions typically feature high end items while the shop has “something for everyone.”

“We have things for $1 and things for $2,000,” said McNamee. “We service the community. People can come here and get a good price for their family things and move them along to someone who appreciates them.”

The Marion Antique Shop is filled with old paintings, furniture and silverware among many other classic items.

The building also serves as a home to a 20-year old cat named Margaret, who has her own room upstairs.

Today, McNamee runs Marion Antique Shop with his wife Diane, who handles the accounting and finance side of the business.

“It's kind of like a treasure hunt,” said McNamee. “I always get excited when I find something rare.”

McNamee served as the president of the Sippican Historical Society for 20 years. Now, he is the curator for the society’s museum.

“My friends say, ‘Why don’t you retire?’ They’re all playing golf or riding around in motor homes in Florida,” said McNamee. “I just like business and I like the action. That's what keeps me going.”