‘It just keeps getting better’: July 4th parade takes Marion streets

Jul 4, 2024

MARION — Santa Claus, a zombie patrol vehicle and an abnormally large rubber duck were three of the many sights to see in the 2024 rendition of Marion’s Independence Day Parade.

Children stood on sidewalks catching candy as a stampede of many types of vehicles cruised down Main Street and Spring Street spreading patriotic cheer.

While there were many participants in the parade, only one could take home the “Best in Parade” award.

The Marion Harbormaster Department’s float, which featured a man draped in the colors of the Star-Spangled Banner playing the song named after the United States’ flag, took home the crown.

Along with the national anthem, instruments of numerous marching bands alerted residents that the parade was close by.

“This was great,” said Executive Assistant and Fourth of July Parade Committee member Donna Hemphill. “Year after year it just keeps getting better. I have a great group of people that I work with.”

Along with Hemphill, Sean and Mandy Givens take up the other two seats on the Parade Committee.

Also part of the group helping Hemphill were her two daughters, who were in control of the sign-in desk before the parade embarked.

Hemphill thanked the support of the community and surrounding towns for getting involved.

Anybody could apply to take part in the parade, which led to a wide variety of participants, which also included a barrage of tractors and people portraying historical figures.

According to Hemphill, the town’s Department of Public Works created a float for veterans of the area. The float was designed to allow them to sit comfortably throughout the duration of the parade. “Thank you for your service,” could be heard throughout the route.

Marion’s July 4th festivities will continue with a fireworks show at Silvershell Beach on Saturday, July 6 at dusk.