‘It was so kind’: Autographed books join school library

Mar 26, 2024

MATTAPOISETT — Collin Nashold, a sixth grader at Old Hammondtown School, walked away from a talk given by author Jeff Kinney with autographed copies of 10 books in Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Nashold, a superfan of Kinney and the series, then decided to donate the signed books to his school’s library for kids to read and return for years to come.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series follows a boy named Greg Heffley through his middle school journey. The first book in the ongoing series was released in 2007. 18 books in the series have been published to date.

In January, Nashold traveled with his family to Plainville to see Kinney speak at a bookstore which he owns.

At the event, Nashold was caught by surprise when he was one of four kids selected by Kinney to put their Diary of a Wimpy Kid knowledge to the test by participating in a trivia contest.

By the conclusion of the contest, Nashold had earned himself a $150 gift card to the store, which he elected to use on ten volumes of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

Kinney signed each one of the books. Going forward, they will be available for current and future Old Hammondtown students to take out and enjoy.

Nashold’s act of giving was recognized at a school-wide assembly on Monday, March 25.

Old Hammondtown Principal Kevin Taveras shared the news to students, who were elated to hear about the new addition to the school library.

“It was very mature, generous and kind of Collin,” said Old Hammondtown Librarian Laura Mirabito. “I think his choice was rooted in sharing the joy he had with Diary of a Wimpy Kid with others.”

“It made me feel happy to donate the books,” said Nashold.

He said he’s looking forward to walking through the school when he is a senior as part of Old Rochester Regional High School’s senior festivities and seeing the books he donated.