6-year-old entrepreneur saves money for college

Jun 18, 2019

ROCHESTER — After overhearing his parents talk about the high cost of college education,  6-year-old Atticus decided that he would go into business.The young Rochester entrepreneur is the founder of Atticus’ and Nixon’s College Fund Egg Co.

Atticus cares for, and collects eggs from chickens and ducks in his backyard with help from his parents and 3-year-old brother Nixon. Atticus checks on the birds twice a day to feed them and collect eggs by hand. After carefully placing the eggs in a basket he cleans them in the kitchen using a special egg washer, before placing them into cartons and then into an egg hut built by his grandfather in front of his family’s home. Chicken eggs are sold at $4 per dozen, and duck eggs for $5 per dozen.

Duck eggs have more protein and less cholesterol than chicken eggs. They are also better for baking, resulting in “fluffier” bread, cakes and other baked goods according to Atticus’ father Mornee Sherry.

Between seven ducks, twelve hens and two roosters, the Sherry’s small farm yields an average of about a dozen chicken eggs and four to seven duck eggs per day. They also grow tomatoes, parsley and other fresh produce in their garden. Atticus sells baby tomato plants for $1 and bundles of produce for $1 to $3.

Atticus’ and Nixon’s College Fund Egg Co. has raised $220 in its first three months of business. Atticus collects the money in a jar, and invests it into an Acorns account, an account aimed at kids investing small amounts of money, after every $100.

The boys’ mother Jenn Sherry said the business has taught her sons about hard work and the circle of life. So far Atticus has had to deal with losing one chicken and one duck to a fox attack. Mornee Sherry said that a lot of kids go through fads, and that he is proud of his son for following through with his idea despite difficulties.

Mornee added that the egg company is a way to promote healthy eating and local businesses. The family is currently in the beginning stages of developing an online delivery service connecting local farmers with the tri-town community. Once established, customers will be able to order products on fromthefarm.net and have them delivered to their homes straight from farms in the area. Mornee Sherry said he is still looking for a vehicle resembling classic milk trucks to carry out the deliveries.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to offer a service to the community, but at the same time teach our kids something about business,” Mornee said of the new development.

Atticus is not the first entrepreneur in the Sherry family. His father designed “Lume Cubes.” The small 1,500 lumen LED lights are 1.5 inches cubed and made to be compatible with drones, and Go-Pro cameras. Mornee Sherry put his product on Kickstarter and made $250,000 in 30 days.

Go to the Atticus’ and Nixon’s College Fund Egg Co. Facebook page or email lastrhodesian@icloud.com for more information on the business.