911 outages remedied in Massachusetts

Dec 28, 2018

Massachusetts State Police confirmed Friday night that a commercial outage which caused sporadic 911 outages across 37 states and merited two emergency alerts has been resolved in Massachusetts. 

According to published reports, an outage at Louisiana-based communications company CenturyLink caused a disruption in cellphone services. The problem resulted in an “all circuits busy” message when some people attempted to call 911. 

All three police departments in the tri-town posted to Facebook on Dec. 28 to give residents information on how to call if they attempted to dial 911 and received the error message. 

On Friday night the State Police Department advised residents not to call 911 or local numbers to test if they are working, as the state has already conducted tests on the systems. Residents are advised to call their local police departments only if they have an emergency.