Acushnet Road Bridge project faces covid-related delays

Jul 28, 2020

MATTAPOISETT — Originally planned to start in July, the Acushnet Road Bridge project will wait longer to start due to the pandemic slowing down the availability of supplies and shutting down work.

Town Administrator Michael Lorenco said at a July 28 Select Board meeting that everything from the people who are building the culvert pipes for the project, to the construction companies themselves are facing delays.

“Hopefully we can get started, but it will be pushed into September,” Lorenco said.

The town is working with Old Rochester Regional School District Superintendent Michael Nelson for accommodations of bus routes in the area.

When asked about whether the town or the construction company will pay for the delay by Selectman Jordan Collyer, Lorenco said he is looking into it with the town’s legal counsel. 

He said he is unsure if the town can use covid as a reason for the construction company to take up the cost. The bidding process was finished in May, before the company knew the full scope of the virus’s effects. Lorenco also said a number of towns are dealing with construction delays as well due to the pandemic.