All towns at higher risk

Apr 1, 2021

Green and yellow. 

Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester are all out of the gray covid risk designation, as Marion and Rochester move from gray to green and Mattapoisett moves from green to yellow. 

In the state’s color-coded covid risk designation system, less than or equal to 10 active covid cases designates a community as gray, between 10 an 15 cases puts a community in green, less than or equal to 25 cases marks a town as yellow, and communities with more than 25 cases are designated as red.

Despite having enough ongoing cases to reach a yellow risk designation, new covid cases in Mattapoisett decreased from 13 last week to eight in April 1 state data. 

In Rochester, new cases stayed at eight for the second straight week. 

In Marion, new cases rose from three last week to 13 this week — the highest they’ve been in town since late February. 

State covid data is released every thursday.