Art Gallery opens in Mattapoisett

Feb 9, 2021

lery at the Ropewalk mall in Mattapoisett. 

Artist and South Dartmouth Resident Thomas Lynch set up shop next to the Walrus and Captain restaurant, hoping to catch the eye of locals after their meals. 

The gallery features paintings, rock sculptures and a wall dedicated to Lynch’s contributions to graphic design — including work made for Providence College and Rhode Island Hospital. 

Lynch said that while he’s made his career doing graphic design, “a labor of love is the fine art.” 

The artist focuses on landscapes throughout New England, depicting many beaches and lighthouses. 

“I like the coastline, the ocean,” he said. 

Lynch said he’d been looking for years for just the  right spot, before space opened up in the Ropewalk mall a few months ago. 

Now, the space will be where his art lives for the next two years.

He said he’ll be using the gallery as both  a work space and a place to show off his art, saying it’s“a place to work out of and bring everything together.” 

Among the paintings and graphic design showcases, the gallery features rock sculptures — keeping with Lynch’s focus on nature in his non-corporate work. One of the sculptures sits right at the center of the gallery, acting as a kind of centerpiece. 

“Nature provides the subject and I just throw it together,” Lynch said. 

Right now, the gallery doesn’t have clearly set hours, and Lynch said that he’ll be rotating pieces in and out of the gallery as time goes on. 

“But we’re just getting started,” he said.