Bringing health food, fitness coaching to Marion

Dec 30, 2019

MARION — Paula Brito-Patras took a New Year’s photo going into 2018. When she didn’t like what she saw, she decided to do something about it. By the start of 2019 she had lost 76 pounds, and on Dec. 6 she opened a business to help others follow in her footsteps. 

Simple Wellbeing Nutrition, on Route 6 in the former Marion Marketplace, offers “full meal replacement” shakes complete with 29 grams of protein, and 21 vitamins and minerals. The key ingredient to her shakes is a plant-based protein powder made by Herbalife Nutrition.

The business also offers “boosted teas” that use B vitamins instead of sugar and caffeine to give a boost of energy. 

Brito-Patras described her business as a healthier alternative to fast food restaurants. “Everyone is on the go, and you can go to a fast food place anywhere and get a meal, but it’s not a healthy meal,” she said. 

For Brito-Patras, nutrition doesn’t stop with healthy smoothies. She also offers advising tailored to the unique goals and needs of individual customers. 

Brito-Patras starts by weighing customers and taking measurements of their neck, chest, waist, arms, and legs. After discussing their goals, she helps make a customized 7-day nutrition plan.

“No two people have the same plan,” she said. 

While plans vary for each individual, there are some principles that stay the same. For example, Brito-Patras recommends eating every four hours. This way, people can consume, and burn calories at a steadier rate. While some people may find success with other approaches, like intermittent fasting, Brito-Patras finds her method to be a more sustainable option for healthy eating. 

In addition to running her business, Brito-Patras is also the sole employee, although her husband and father sometimes offer a helping hand. 

The new business-owner said 2019 has been a “nonstop year” for her. 

She married her husband Norman in August, bought a house in Wareham in November, and left her career as a salesperson to start Simple Wellbeing Nutrition soon after. 

Brito-Patras’ signature tea and shake combos typically cost $11 to $15, but there are different specials each day of the week. 

On “Marion Monday” Marion residents can get a $3 discount. The same discount applies for “Tabor Tuesdays” “Wareham Wednesday” “Tri-town Thursdays” “First Responder Fridays” and “Student Saturdays.” 

On Sundays, Brito-Petras offers snacks that are made with Herbalife protein powder.

Simple Wellbeing Nutrition is located at 119 Wareham Road in Marion. For business hours and other inquiries, call 774-297-0310.