Candidate profile: Adam Murphy

May 26, 2020

Selectman candidate Adam Murphy said the Rochester he lives in today with his family has more middle-aged families than in the past, and it's hard for them to afford living there with rising taxes.

If elected, he will work with all residents to make sure everyone can afford to live in the town.

He was born and raised in Rochester and has a wife and two children. He is the deputy harbormaster for Marion and owns a trucking company, Tri-Town Service, which operates in the town. In the past 16 years, he was a lieutenant for Marion Fire Department, a paramedic, and a patrolman for Marion Police Department.

He believes that the town could relieve the tax burden on residents using grants while being frugal with its budget, an issue that is at the forefront of his campaign.

Murphy believes his experience will help the town face issues with the police and fire departments.

If elected, he wants to reverse the decision to move it to the regional dispatch center in Duxbury and bring Rochester’s police dispatch back to the town

“I am a frugal person and I understand the need to look for ways to save money and cut unnecessary spending,” Murphy said. But, “this was not the place to cut.” He feels information is not relayed to first responders fast enough because the center is no longer in town

With Rochester’s plans to build a fire department, he believes that the town could benefit from his experience writing grant proposals for the Marion Fire Department to help pay for the cost.

Murphy said that other untapped grants could help fund a resource officer for the Rochester Memorial School, something that he believes is necessary as the parent of a son with special needs.

If elected, Murphy said that he will work with other boards, committees and residents to voice their concerns and create change.

“I know that I will not always have the answers but if I don’t, I can promise you I have the resources to find the answer,” said Murphy.