Capsized boat ruled ‘no-cause incident’

Sep 28, 2021

MATTAPOISETT — A 33 foot cuddy cabin boat that capsized on its mooring in Mattapoisett Harbor on Sept. 22 has since been righted and towed to Mattapoisett Boatyard where it was removed from the water, according to Mattapoisett Harbormaster Jamie McIntosh.

No one was onboard the boat when it capsized. 

The incident was investigated by the harbormaster and an insurance adjuster but neither was able to say exactly why the boat flipped over.

“We still don’t know why it capsized on its mooring,” said McIntosh. “A boat that size usually won’t capsize for no reason.”

Despite the official “no-cause incident” designation, McIntosh said it was possible that the scuppers — which allow water to drain from the deck — may have clogged, causing the boat to fill with rainwater and slosh from recent inclement weather. The scuppers could have then cleared when the boat capsized because of the sudden change in pressure, leaving no evidence for investigators to find.