The care you are giving

Nov 5, 2019

It slowly sneaks up on you. Or maybe it doesn’t! The “how” of someone needing assistance could be many reasons; the fact is . . . you’re a caregiver. Inasmuch as you are providing
help, sometimes caregivers forget to care for themselves. You’re not alone! Here are some stories found on the internet:

Husband feeling guilt
My wife is terminally ill. I am her sole caregiver, feeling overwhelmed and guilty at same time. Overwhelmed from tending to her and the house morning to night. Guilty for feeling sorry for
myself when she is battling to live each day.

Adult caring for their mother
I care for my mother who had a heart attack with other medical conditions. She goes from lying in bed watching TV to sitting on the chair watching TV. I try to get her to go out to social
situations, but it is difficult. I find myself getting angry with her when she wants something and interrupts what I am doing. I feel guilty about this and regret it immediately.

I care for my wife. She is losing her independence, and has become upset. I am the target of the blame because I am in charge of meds, food, helping her walk, etc. She feels I am stealing her independence. I see how she feels, but I find it hard to switch gears between rescuing her versus letting her do things that could lead to a fall.

Burned out
My mom moved in with my family and me. I have siblings who do not help with Mom. She is physically disabled and needy. I love her, but I am tired, grumpy and feel under-appreciated. I am angry that my siblings think it’s OK to leave it all on me! I resent my mom sometimes because I can’t get a break! Whenever I ask my sister to help with our mom there is always an excuse. I am the only one with her 24/7 and I am treated the worst. I feel lost, sad, angry, and guilty!

Help is available

Sometimes it helps having someone to talk to and/or to brainstorm ideas as to what may be the best help for you and the person for whom you’re caring.

Access to information and referral resources is available. Contact your local Council on Aging:
Mattapoisett 508-758-4110; Marion 508-748-3570; Rochester 508-763-8723 and/or the local Area Agency on Aging, Coastline Services at 508-999-6400.

Thank you for caring!