Cats rule at fundraising fair

Oct 6, 2019

ROCHESTER — Penguins, superheroes, witches and local businesses showed out to support the It’s All About the Animals cat shelter’s annual Octopurrfest on Oct. 6. 

White booths lined the outside of a field by the shelter, and bright orange tables on the inside of the fair held raffle items for attendees to try their luck on. The event’s tom cat ball drop, which enters participants for a chance to win $500, sold out. The unconventional raffle has a sack of balls that are released by a rope. The ball that falls into (or closest to) a small spout wins.

Since the shelter is entirely volunteer-run, all of the proceeds from the event go back to the care of the cats.  

One new booth this year was Hannah and Evelyn’s slime booth.

The two said that they had been obsessed with the substance for a few years. 

Their mother works for Marion Animal Hospital, which also has a booth at the fair, and the two helped out every year. This year they thought, “what if we sold a slime stand?” 

Marion Antiques also had a booth at the fundraiser. Frank and Diane McNamee, who own the shop, also volunteer at the shelter every Monday, and have a table of goods for sale to benefit the shelter. Last year, that table raised $7,000 to $8,000 over the course of a year. 

Frank called volunteering “one of the most rewarding things I do.”

The shelter’s founder, Pamela Robinson, said that the event was going well, “People seem happy, the weather cooperated, she said. 

One of her volunteers, Dawn Cabral got involved, “because I love animals. This is a really good shelter. She puts the animals first and doesn’t hide anything,” Cabral said. 

Chris King said that she enjoys playing with the cats. has adopted at the shelter in the past and is trying to decide whether to adopt a second cat from It’s All About The Animals.