Ceramic creations decorate Council on Aging walls

Feb 27, 2024

MARION — During the month of March the artwork on the walls of the Marion Council on Aging will stare back at visitors.

Rows of ceramic masks created by Old Rochester Regional High School students are on display at the Council on Aging through March 28. The 21 masks were created in art teacher Joanne Migilnicki’s Ceramics I class.

"We are so thrilled to have the student artwork displayed at the Community Center. It is especially great to have these vibrant works displayed during the dull and dreary days of winter," Marion Council on Aging Director Karen Gregory said.

Each mask became an “expression of the student’s imagination,” according to a curatorial statement. “Through their artistry [Old Rochester Students] offer a glimpse into the enduring power of cultural traditions and the transformative potential of the mask as artistic expression.”

Marion Council on Aging volunteer Rosemary Grey helped hang the masks on the walls of the building.

“To have the childrens’ work at the Council on Aging is a multi-generational celebration of creativity and community,” she said.