Charles R. Washburn Memorial Trust announces new president

Oct 31, 2023

MARION — The Charles R. Washburn Memorial Trust in Marion announced Meredith Days as its new president.

Days was voted in by trust members on Aug. 8. According to a press release from the trust, Days has been an active participant in working with trust members for many years and will be replacing former president Wayne A. Mattson.

The trust was formed Dec. 6, 1955 by James A. Arne, Clement H. Briggs, Ernest W. Briggs, Manuel Marshall, Fred E. Tibbits, Jr. and Albert W. Winters. The trust property consists of approximately 16 acres of woodland, parking lot, “cookhouse,” two horse rings and large lower back field, adjacent to town property.

“There are many plans in the works and it will be great to follow these energetic members in the coming months,” wrote the trust in a press release. 

The trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and receives its income from donations and rental fees to maintain operations, according to a press release.