Committee aims to return fireworks to Marion

Jan 21, 2022

MARION _ Fund-raising efforts are under way to return fireworks to the skies over Marion for the Fourth of July holiday.

Mail requests for donations are scheduled to go out to all town residents soon from the Marion Fireworks Committee, said Cameron Van der Veer, co-chair of the committee.

The committee believes that returning fireworks after a two-year absence will bring the community together for “one of the best events in Marion.’’

After stretches of isolation due to Covid cancellations and restrictions, the fireworks would serve, Van der Veer said, as “an awesome chance to bring the together’’ for a “celebration of Marion.’’

There is work to be done. So far, the committee has raised about $10,000, which is well short of the $65,000 goal.

The money needs to be raised by early May, Van der Veer said, in order to have time to secure a company to provide the fireworks. 

Ideas are under discussion for possible fund-raisers, including a fun run, spring concert and golf tournament. 

Committee members also hope to reach out to businesses in Marion in hopes of receiving financial support or sponsorships of fund-raisers.

“Any way we could get businesses involved, that would be great,’’ Van der Veer said.

The tentative date for the fireworks is July 3. 

Van der Veer hopes the town can host more fun events. “Everyone’s been isolated. We need to have more people hanging out. I think a lot of people are looking for that kind of thing.’’

Donations can be made out to the Town of Marion and mailed to Marion Town House, Fireworks Committee, 2 Spring St., Marion MA, 02738.