Confirmed coronavirus cases remain steady

Apr 23, 2020

In Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester, confirmed coronavirus cases have remained relatively steady since last week, when the state first released the numbers on a town-by-town basis. 

Per the state’s dataset, Rochester has eight cases, Mattapoisett nine and Marion less than five, as of April 22. 

Mattapoisett releases its own statistics on the number of cases daily, and its data for April 22 shows that it has 12 cases, with two new cases as of Wednesday. Its data shows that six people are in quarantine, and 22 people have completed quarantine. 

Marion also released its numbers on April 23, saying it has two confirmed cases, with one person having recovered from the disease since last week. However, the town clarified that because tests are reserved for healthcare workers and hospitalized patients the actual number of cases is likely much higher. 

The number of confirmed cases in Rochester rose by only one based on the state numbers. The number of Mattapoisett cases went up by one using state data and two using its own reported numbers. With one person recovered, Marion numbers dropped by one since last Thursday.