Covid cases drop in Mattapoisett, Rochester

Marion stays ‘gray’
May 15, 2021

“Gray”, “green” and “yellow.”

New covid cases lowered in Mattapoisett and Rochester in the week from May 6 to 13, while cases raised slightly in Marion.

In the week leading up to May 6, Marion reported no new covid cases. In state data released May 13, that number rose to two. The town was given a “gray” covid risk designation for the second week straight.

Mattapoisett’s risk designation remained “yellow” for the second week in a row, but the town recorded six new cases in May 13 data, 11 fewer than in data released May 6.

Rochester also recorded six new cases in the week leading up to May 13, down from eight the week before. The town’s ongoing case count lowered enough to shift the town from “red” to “green.”

In the state’s color-coded risk designation system, fewer than or equal to 10 active covid cases designates a low-population community as “gray,” between 10 and 15 cases puts a community in the “green,” fewer than or equal to 25 cases marks a town as “yellow,” and communities with more than 25 cases are designated as red.

In the Old Rochester Regional School District, cases have lowered or steadied in all schools except Rochester Memorial School — where there were three ongoing cases as of May 13. There are two cases at the Old Rochester Regional Junior High School, and one each at Sippican School and ORRHS. Neither Old Hammondtown nor Center schools have any ongoing positive cases.

In addition to the ongoing positive cases, there are 11 individuals related to the school district in quarantine due to contact tracing.

State and school covid data are released every Thursday.