Crafters’ fair raises money for Rochester Council on Aging

Sep 11, 2021

ROCHESTER — Saturday was a big day for crafters in the Tri-Town as the Friends of the Rochester Council on Aging held their annual crafters fair in the COA parking lot.

On sale at the fair were books, decor and a variety of crafting supplies. Most of those supplies were donated by Gifts to Give, an Acushnet-based philanthropic organization.

“70% of the stuff we sell today is from Gifts to Give,” Board Member Mike Cambra said.

Much of the event was organized by Cecelia Hall, another Friends of the Rochester Council on Aging board member.

While the group wasn’t fundraising for any specific event or goal, Cambra said all the money raised from the fair will make its way back to the COA.

“[It] all goes into the pot,” he said. “They’ve been raising money ever since this building was built.”