On the danger of software upgrades

Mar 25, 2020

To the Editor: 

Every time there's an upgrade, it is a sales pitch from people trying to model how you think. If you depend on the program they are designing, the closer they get, and the more they tell you how good the upgrade is, and why you should get it, (and, ultimately, that you have to get it or you won't be able to use your computer) the more you will try to accommodate your thinking to the configurations contrived by the people designing the program.

These people aren't you; they aren't thinking like you. They think that the way they think is the way everyone should think. That is merely an extension of an illusion we all share, a practical joke played on us by God.  The native people understand Shawnadese, the coyote, the Spirit Keeper of the South, as the trickster. But they didn't know any better until the Europeans came along.

Bob Sanderson
Jonathans Sprouts (Rochester) 
Marion resident