Developer, gas station owner working out traffic issue

Jun 9, 2020

ROCHESTER — After threatening to take a road use dispute to court at a prior meeting, the developer of a 208 housing development and owner of an adjacent gas station and market on County Road told the Planning Board on June 9 that they had likely reached a solution.

“After multiple conversations we had a meeting of the minds and will be able to move forward with a solution that will make everyone happy, including the board,” said Ken Steen, the owner of Steen Realty and Development Corporation, which is developing the land for the Rochester Crossroads complex. 

He and Andrew Delli Carpini, who owns Seasons Corner Market, laid out a plan where Seasons would lease land from Steen and modify the existing driveway to allow drivers to turn both ways, a solution that Planning Board member Gary Florindo said “would solve a lot of the problem.” 

Board members pointed out that the plan would require Seasons to come before the board again, since it would require a modification to its site plan. But members also said the process could be over quickly, perhaps in one hearing.  

No one on the planning board saw any major problems with the engineering peer review for Steen’s plans, which checks for groundwater and other design issues, but they did raise a safety concern with the two groups’ compromise.  

Board Chair Arnold Johnson said if a large vehicle had to take a right onto Route 58, it could stop car traffic and cause a backup. 

Andrew Delli Carpini, Seasons’ owner, said he would look into it, adding, “safety is the biggest concern of mine, and the last thing I want is to have an issue.” 

The board continued the hearing to June 23 to allow the two companies to work out the final details.