Developer seeks to build homes off Crystal Springs Road

Aug 3, 2020

MATTAPOISETT — Rochester developer Ryan Correia wants to build eight residential lots on 21.63 acres of land that he purchased in 2019. But before he makes any more moves, he went before the Planning Board on Aug. 3 to see what it would want out of the development.

In the current design, Correia will construct three houses on Crystal Springs Road with a connecting frontage, and a small road leading to a Cul de Sac where the five remaining houses will stand. The rest of the land may sit untouched, but that is subject to change.

The board expressed the need for affordable housing in Mattapoisett and gave suggestions. Out of all the town’s housing, only 2.59% is affordable according to the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District.

Board member Karen Field said the town needs a 40B-designated development, a type of development where 20 to 25% of the housing is affordable.

Fellow board member Janice Robbins suggested pursuing cluster housing, or a flexible zoning that would allow more homes on the plot by putting them closer together. In this model having more houses in the area would give way to more affordable housing. 

“If cluster housing is done right, it could be very effective,” Robbins said.

Board members brought up housing for Mattapoisett residents over 55 since the town also lacks this too. Board secretary Mary Crain suggested the use of one-level houses for seniors. To cater to growing families, Correia can add multi-level colonial-style homes to the mix.

Correia said that he can put the lots up for sale and then build the homes to suit the needs of the buyers. 

According to board members, the informal plan presented can work in that section of the town. “I’d say what’s presented is pretty in keeping with the neighborhood,” said board member Nathan Ketchel.

Chair Tom Tucker said the plan meets zoning requirements, but said it may receive pushback from nearby neighbors.

Before another plan comes before the board, Tucker wants Correia to speak with the Police Department, Fire Department, Highway Department, Conservation Commission and Board of Health. 

The project will also be long-term.

Correia said it would take six months to complete if developed as presented. If would take a year of planning to build a 55+ development and up to two years for a cluster or 40B housing development.

For all the options available, the planning board did not give a definitive answer as to what it wants.

This is partially because a master plan is currently in the works with the Planning Board and SRPEDD that, in part, will address the town’s affordable housing needs for the long-term future.