Eight Tri-Town runners to compete in Boston Marathon

Apr 14, 2023

Eight Tri-Town residents are lacing up their shoes and getting ready to compete in the 127th Boston Marathon.

They will race on Patriot’s Day, Monday April 17.

From Marion, Jared Maxwell, 47, and Sarah Poulin, 30 will compete.

In the 2022 Boston Marathon Maxwell finished with a time of 3:26:58. Poulin finished the 2022 Boston Marathon with a time of 3:36:37.

From Mattapoisett, Karen Coucci, 59; Bethany Couto, 37; Elizabeth Foley, 24; Jennifer Pease, 34 and Kristen Wingate, 38 will find themselves on the starting line in Hopkinton

Couto finished the 2022 Boston Marathon with a time of 4:23:53.

Chris Ptaszenski, 44 is the lone runner from Rochester.

Results for these competitors can be found on sippican.theweektoday.com following the race. Full results will be available on the Boston Marathon website.