Eversource gains small Rochester fan club after storm

Feb 10, 2020

ROCHESTER — A strong windstorm on Friday knocked down trees and took out power lines in the Tri-Town on Feb. 7. One young Rochester resident was fascinated by the crews that responded on his street.  

A crew of workers from MTV solutions was helping in Rochester near Ashley Ireland’s house during the power outage. Someone noticed Owen Ireland watching in the window, and mentioned to the crew that they had an admirer. Though busy, the men took a moment to invite Owen outside, let him try on some of their gear, and pose for a photo. 
Ashley called the group, “such an extremely hard-working crew that day,” noting that “Alley Road... was a mess.” 
On Sunday, Feb. 9, Eversource Vice President of Distribution Engineering, Paul Renaud, visited the Ireland residence with gifts for Owen and his brother: two tiny Eversource trucks.