Families flock to farm for national alpaca days

Sep 25, 2021

MATTAPOISETT — Cards were dealt at Pine Meadow Alpacas on Sept. 25, but no one was wearing their poker face.

The Mattapoisett alpaca farm, run by the Paine family, helped organize the “paca run,” a tour of five regional alpaca farms where families picked up playing cards from each farm. At the end of the weekend — coinciding with National Alpaca Farm Days — the best hand won a prize basket.

Children who visited all five farms received a raffle ticket for a chance to win a basket of alpaca products valued at about $250.
“You just have to hit all the farms in two days,” Diana Paine said.

Each of the farms had its own pack of cards. So, Paine said, “you can get a really good hand.”

The idea for the paca run came about when Pine Meadows decided to reach out to other farms and see if they were interested in a collaborative effort.

And, Paine said, Hill Crest Alpacas, Child’s Play Alpaca Farm, Ponderosa Pacas and Hope Alpaca Farm each said “Yes — absolutely let’s do this.”

Last year, Pine Meadows didn’t have its shop open for National Alpaca Farm Days, and in previous years, Paine said the farm didn’t have the time or resources to put together a big event like the paca run. But this year, the farm went for it.

“So we’re hoping for a good turnout for [the shop] and we’re hoping for a good turnout for the farm,” Paine said.

And as families poured into the farm to meet alpacas and all sorts of other animals, it seemed as though that wish was granted.

All told, just under 30 people participated in the full paca run, and many more went to multiple farms but didn’t finish the full run. 

“We’re really happy with the turnout we had for the first time and we are hoping to do it again next fall,” Paine said.