Feel the green! A warrant article for Marion’s electric cars

Sep 11, 2018

To the Editor:

Have you noticed the electric cars that zip Marion’s employees around town? About two years ago, the Energy Management Committee (EMC) applied for state grants to fund the leases for four electric vehicles—one Nissan Leaf and three BWM i3s (along with four free charging stations). These cars replaced hand-me-down Crown Victorias from the police department, saving the town about $35,000 in gasoline and maintenance costs over the 3-year leases. Before the 2019 fiscal year begins, the leases for these cars will end, so the EMC has submitted an article to Fall Town Meeting to request a maximum of $55,000 to either purchase the vehicles or lease new ones, a decision to be made when the leases end. The choice will depend on market values of the used cars, new lease prices offered by the dealerships, and availability of rebates and/or incentive programs at the time.

Two years ago, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that was also initiated and negotiated by the EMC went into effect, a deal that provided all municipal electricity from wind turbines in Plymouth at a 20% discount from the rate previously paid. To date the town has saved over $173,000 through this agreement. The EMC proposes that a portion of these funds be used to purchase or replace the EVs, thereby investing some of the savings from the PPA in further energy efficiency, lower transportation costs, and reducing Marion’s dependence on fossil fuels.   

Please attend the Fall Town Meeting at 6:30 pm on Monday, Oct. 22nd in the Sippican School auditorium. Vote to keep Marion on a path to a greener future and save money along the way.

Jennifer Francis

Marion’s Energy Management Committee