Fieldstone Farm Market gets wine and malt license

Jun 16, 2020

MARION — Fieldstone Farm Market will start selling wine and some beers, after Selectmen approved the market for a retail package good license on June 16. 

Selectman John Waterman said that the town can only give out five licenses to sell beer and wine. 

On June 9, when the hearing opened, the business’ owner Arnie Johnson said he expanded his market’s cheese selection three years ago, and considers the alcohol request “just an extension of that.” 

Wine and cheese tastings in the past also drew in 150 people, which “got the thoughts brewing” for the businessman.

At an initial June 9 hearing, Selectman John Waterman said he and his wife shop at the store. 

He noted “they’ve really taken care of this community during covid times,” and added that the alcohol idea seems like a logical expansion of his business and there “doesn’t seem to be any downside for me.”

On June 16, Town Administrator Jay McGrail said he had gotten two letters of support from Carl Correia and Edward Hoeffer. 

Selectmen closed the public hearing, and approved the new license for the market.