Fine day for a frosty run

Jan 26, 2019

ROCHESTER — Shattering records and braving the winter chill on Jan. 26, runners laced up for both 5K and 10.5 mile courses at Old Colony's Frosty Runner road race. 

On Saturday, two runners broke records for the event, including a woman who bested a time she at last year’s event. Janytzabell Rodriguez-Ramos of New Bedford, running on the 10.5 mile course, came in with a time of 1:11:53. 

This is the fourth year that she has run the race, and this year she ran in preparation for the Boston Marathon. When asked if she was expected the win, Rodriguez-Ramos said, “Not at all, I am actually recovering from an injury so I was pleasantly surprised.”

Jason Eddy of Bridgewater, current record hold for a male runner in the 10.5 mile race, came in first on the 5K and beat the record previously set by runner Joseph Carroll in 2012. By finishing the race in 16:36, Eddy finished 43 seconds ahead of Carroll’s mark.

In February of each year, Beth Botelho starts organizing next year’s Frosty Runner race, which benefits the Old Colony Regional Vocational Tehcnical High School cross country team and National Honor Society.

This year, 165 runners ran the courses around Rochester, and that total “down this year, but still consistent,” said Botelho. 

Botelho takes some precautions against the cold, but mostly expects people to know what they are getting into.

“Most people who run it are usually conditioned to run in this kind of weather,” Botelho explained. “They usually love the course, and love having a building to set up and get warm in.”

She says the 5K tends to be slightly more social, and the 10.5 race serves as a good stepping stone for longer races in the spring. 

“For the 5K race people usually come back year after year and do it with their friends, while the 10.5 mile race is a good training race for the New Bedford half marathon,” Botelho said.

The race is run using a combination of student, staff and parent volunteers. 

Race participants are given the option to walk the 5K if they like, and as one of the 5K participants approached the finish line, her friend called “you’re not jogging?”

“What do you mean, I feel like I’m jogging!” the walker joked.

Though many racers opted for traditional running gear, two Bourne runners decided to dress up in winter-inspired outfits.

“Because the race is called ‘The Frosty Runner’ we thought it would be fun to dress up as snowomen,” one of the Snowwomen said.

Mike Norton of East Falmouth won the men’s 10.5 mile race in 1:08:10. Jacqueline Francisco from Westport won the women’s 5K in 21:44.

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