Fundraising underway for Rochester Land Trust property

Nov 6, 2023

ROCHESTER — The stone wall lining “George’s Pony Pasture” on Mattapoisett Road may be getting an upgrade, according to the Rochester Land Trust.

The Trust has launched a fundraising campaign to restore the stone walls that has raised $16,000 so far with $8,000 coming from Land Trust members and another $8,000 from an anonymous donor who offered to match every dollar raised.

Masons began work on the wall this past weekend and will continue through November, weather permitting, according to the press release.

The property is named after philanthropist George Church, whose pony often grazed in the field beyond the wall, explained the Trust. Church died in 2014 at the age of 90.

The Rochester Land Trust acquired three properties from Church using "bargain sales" where land is purchased for less than market value.

While only three acres in size, “George's Pony Pasture” has over 1,000 feet of road frontage, bound by dry field stone walls in the front and back, according to the Rochester Land Trust.

"Not only does this project enhance Rochester's rural character, and honor George Church himself, but it also honors the now forgotten craftsmen who originally built this wall,” said Rochester Land Trust Treasurer Russ Keeler. “It boggles the mind to consider the amount of effort expended to clear the field and build this wall, especially before the age of mechanized equipment. We are heartened by and grateful for the close to 50 townspeople who have supported this project so far."

Anyone interested in making a donation to this project can mail their donation to the Rochester Land Trust at PO Box 337, Rochester, MA 02770. Donations can also be made online through PayPal at

"It is unrealistic to think we can fix the entire wall, front and back, but the more money we raise, the more of it will be restored,” said Keeler.