Furtastic paintings on the farm

May 27, 2023

MATTAPOISETT — Llamas sprouted purple and pink fur at Pine Meadow Alpaca farm on Saturday, May 27.

The farm welcomed painting instructor Dianne Enzian of Dianne’s Art Farm and visitors for a paint day on the farm. 

This year, llamas were the inspiration behind the artwork and also served as an audience while visitors painted them. 

“I love how every llama looks different,” said Enzian as she examined the paintings. “This is fun art not fine art so I encourage them to get creative and use whatever colors they want.”

According to Enzian, paint day on the farm was originally inspired by a past resident of Pine Meadow Alpaca Farm named Mama Llama. Since then, Enzian said past models for farm paint day have included goats and alpacas. 

“They have such personality,” said Enzian referring to the farm animal models.

Painters traced an outline of a llama on their canvases and used acrylic paint to add fur-like brush strokes to their paintings. 

Many painters chose to add flares of color to their llama paintings while others decided to paint with more natural colors.

James Sheehan, 10, said that he used primary colors for his painting for an unique effect. 

“I have always loved animals, I think they are wonderful and I like seeing them in the wild,” he said.

Sheehan said that he believes farm animals make for great painting muses. 

“You can do whatever you want with them because they have so many different colors,” said Sheehan. “They aren’t like rhinos where they are only one specific color.”

The next paint day on the farm is on Thursday, June 1.