Girls basketball takes third season win in home game

Dec 20, 2018

MATTAPOISETT — The ORR lady bulldogs beat out the Durfee Hilltoppers 56 to 37 for their third win of the season on Thursday night, though the varsity team had to work harder than necessary for the win.

“This game was a grinder. We had the work harder than expected because of turnovers in the first half and fouls,” said coach Bob Hohne.

“This also changed the game plan in terms of the rotation of players, and we had to go a long way down the bench,” he added.

ORR started out the Dec. 20 game with a strong offense, and as the end of the first quarter approached it looked like Durfee would not score. But they broke through the offense with 1:26 left in the quarter, and quickly racked up eight points. ORR scored in the final seconds of play and the first period ended 13 to 8.

Durfee started out significantly stronger in the second period, scoring about 15 seconds into the play. But ORR was able to hold them off and grow their lead to 17 to 10.

Though the home team was able to score five more points before halftime, a series of free throws from Durfee enabled them to catch up gradually, and by halftime the score had evened out to 23 to 20.

ORR got back into their defensive stride and gradually added nine points to their lead over the course of the third period, and for a while it looked like Durfee would not score.

But with a minute left on the clock the Hilltoppers scored. ORR managed to score once more for ORR, leaving the score at the last quarter at 34 to 22.

For the first half of the quarter, the teams gradually built up points. Then a series of rapid points for both teams put the score at 46 to 35. Though Durfree would get two more points on free throws, ORR added ten points to their lead in the final minutes, sealing their win.

The team will start off the New Year with another home game against  Somerset Berkley Regional on Jan. 2 at 6:30 p.m.