Glamour for a good cause at jewelry sale

Nov 20, 2021

The meeting room in the Mattapoisett Free Public Library was dazzling with a mind-boggling array of rings, necklaces, and other jewelry and accessories on Saturday, Nov. 20.

The sale of donated jewelry and accessories is a longstanding annual tradition for the Friends of the Mattapoisett Library. 

Alex Murphy, who co-chaired the sale with Sue Wilbur, said that the event first opened on Friday night for two hours — members only.

“A lot of collectors come,” Murphy said. “There was a line waiting outside the building.”

She said many shoppers run vintage and second-hand businesses, so they come in prepared with jewelers’ eye loupes — special magnifying lenses — or their own trays to carry finds. 

“It’s almost like a scavenger hunt for them,” Murphy said. The friends sold $400-worth of jewelry that night alone, she said.

By noon on Saturday, everything for sale was marked down to half-off.

And all the soft goods left at the end of the sale — including a number of warm winter scarves — were to be donated to the New Bedford Women’s Center.

New this year was a box of free jewelry for kids, and a second free bin for broken jewelry and single earrings for crafters or people interested in repurposing the baubles.

“The kids love going through it,” Murphy said, adding that the sale was great for those looking to expand their dress-up boxes.

Goods this year included a collection of vintage handkerchiefs, silk scarves and elegant gloves.

Murphy said she was considering some silk scarves for her granddaughter to play dress-up with, while Wilbur snagged some hats for young relatives.

The dress-up fun isn’t just for kids, though. Murphy said each volunteer at the sale comes unadorned and ready to be accessorized with goods from the sale.

The Friends’ next fundraiser will be a book sale on Saturday, January 11.