Goat greets customers on a trip to get ice cream

Jul 16, 2020

ROCHESTER — The staff and customers at Capt. Bonney’s Creamery received a nice surprise on July 16 when a customer showed up with a leashed goat.

“We love it,” said Linda Plaud, manager of the drive-up eatery.

Capt. Bonney’s has a dog bowl for customer’s canine companions. Each pet gets soft serve ice cream in the bowl with a treat on top. 

Plaud knows the goat's owner, and she told him to bring the goat by because she recently had babies.

It’s not the first time Plaud has seen a pet other than a dog. People have brought animals like birds and ferrets to Capt. Bonney’s, and each one gets the royal treatment. One time, someone from a nearby farm rode their horse up to the stand.

In a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page, Capt. Bonney’s joked that it may have to rename its dog bowl to something else because there has been so many different animals coming to get ice cream. 

“We’re open to suggestions,” said Plaud.