Hazard mitigation plan approved in Marion

Jan 5, 2022

MARION – The Select Board heard two major pieces of building-related news at a Jan. 4 meeting, approving a Hazard Mitigation plan and learning that the town’s Building Commissioner will be leaving in mid January. 

The Select Board gave the final approval on a hazard mitigation plan that had already been sent to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. 

Marion resident John Brown attended the meeting to say that he wished the town would adhere a bit more strictly to its own plans. 

He referenced a decision by the Board of Assessors, which classified 30 lots that had previously been called “unbuildable” as “potentially buildable.” 

Select Board member Norm Hills acknowledged that the town’s bylaws are contradictory. 

“We recognize the changes we need to make, and some of them are going to be darn hard,” Hills said. 

Fellow Select Board member John Waterman reminded Brown that the Select Board has no control over the Board of Assessors, since the other board does not report to them. 

Town Administrator Jay McGrail also said that Building Commissioner Scott Shippey will leave on January 14, after 22 years with the town of Marion. Shippey has accepted a position in Foxborough. 

“I’m sad to lose him. He has done a good job,” McGrail said. “Although he has got Gillette Stadium on his hands now, so we wish him luck!”