High school to honor life of Nolan Gibbons with plaque

Dec 15, 2020

The Old Rochester Regional School District will honor student Nolan Gibbons, who died in August, with a plaque to be displayed in the ORRHS music hallway. 

The decision was made at a Dec. 9 ORR School Committee Meeting, where students Gabriella Berg and Kathleen Dunn presented options for the plaque and what to do with money raised in Gibbons’ honor. 

“Nolan Gibbons was an outstanding artist with huge aspirations,” Berg said. 

Gibbons died in his sleep in August. But in life, he was a winner of New England’s Got Talent and a musician who wrote, recorded and produced his own songs. 

“We’d like to be able to recognize and honor the gifts he brought to all of our lives,” Berg said.

The school will put up a plaque in the music hallway featuring a picture of Gibbons with “2005-2020” written on it, as well as a favorite quote of his: “everyone likes to be themselves.” Under the quote, a Spotify QR code will link to his music. 

$602 was raised following Gibbons’ death, and the extra money from the plaque will be donated to A Cappella Academy, a favorite organization of Gibbons’.