Hilarious, heartfelt, the signs of the times

Apr 8, 2020

While signs outside of businesses, churches and at busy town intersections usually display innocuous announcements tongue-in-cheek jokes or are left blank on occasion, these widely-public bulletin boards have began to reflect the one and only piece of news that is happening in the world: coronavirus.

Signs in Marion gave messages of hope to residents and support to local businesses in the area.

While the community center proclaimed that Marion is a strong as a community standing together, it also highlights how social distancing with strengthen the community that much more.

At the intersection of Front St. and Route 6 the town reminded residents that local businesses need their support even if they can’t go in-person to shop.

Beyond the town’s signs, John and Judy Nadeau of JNJ Woodworking took it upon themselves to build and paint their own sign made out of a door to stay give some wise words to drivers along Route 6.

In Mattapoisett, a simple sign lying on a swing set at Town Beach is able to succinctly convey the brave new world that residents live in.

The North Rochester Congregational Church made a meta tongue-in-cheek joke (and a perhaps unintended Beach Boys reference) with their sign.

While some signs are displayed prominently at places of business or by the towns themselves, one sign can be seen all around Rochester at intersections that supports local first responders during this stressful time.

Hopefully, the end is near and life will be able to return to a more normal state of being. Until then, the signs will read of the times.