Hiller Street to get ‘no parking’ signs

Apr 21, 2021

MARION — Following a public hearing in February, ‘No parking’ signs will be placed at the 90-degree curve on Hiller Street.

Town Administrator Jay McGrail announced that planned changes to the street had been finalized at an April 20 Selectmen’s meeting.

Proposed ‘No parking’ signs at the end of Hiller street where it intersects Front street will be omitted.

“Should we continue to see issues on Hiller Street, we obviously can go back and make some of those no parking agreements,” McGrail said.

The street is popular for residents parking to go to the post office, and McGrail said the concerns of residents who use the street for parking led to the decision to only add signs at the curve.

“At this point in time, I think the easiest course of action is just to do the changes on the 90-degree curve and not implement the changes that concerned a lot of the residents,” McGrail said.

Selectman John Waterman agreed, saying that adding signage to just the curve is a “good solution,” especially because the original scope of the project was specifically for the curve.