How to help others during the pandemic

Apr 27, 2020

Many people have reached out to Sippican Week asking if we know of anyways to help people during the spread of coronavirus. So, we’ve compiled a list of safe ways to help those in need, whether it be donating food and money, or making a video of encouragement for senior citizens. 

This list will be updated as we hear of more volunteer opportunities, so check back regularly. To submit more ways to help, email or


Upload a photo, video or words of encouragement to senior citizens in the area in partnership with ORCTV.
— Buy gift cards from local businesses to use at a later date
— Order takeout from places that are still open 
— Buy groceries locally-owned rather than corporate stores
    — Marion General Store  
    — Friend’s Market in Rochester 
    — Lloyd’s Market in Rochester 
Donate to help keep Sippican Week in operation

  • Marion:

  • — Food bank - drop non-perishables at the community center, fire station or police station. Or send a check to town hall
  • — Donate to the Marion Friends of the Council on Aging to support senior services and programming
  • — Sperry Sails: donate to help the business make masks and keep employees working at
  • — Shop at Serendipity online


— Friendly callers program - call Elizabeth Leatham at 508-758-4110 or email
— Donate to Friends of Jack or buy a mask and another will be donated
— Drop off non-perishable food items at the Mattapoisett YMCA at 38 Reservation Rd.
— Shop at Isabelle's - posting products on Facebook, DM or call to place order


— Buy t-shirts to support Matt’s Blackboard here.

General ways to help:

  • — Volunteer to shop for seniors if willing and able
  • — Donate blood — there’s a nationwide shortage
  • — Start a phone call chain to check in on people
  • — Put a message of support on your door or lawn thanking first responders
  • — Make sure to bag your trash and wash recyclables to keep trash collectors safe
  • — Call relatives
  • — Sew masks if you’re able to
  • — Wave at people you pass