Hunting season to open Oct. 7

Sep 29, 2019

MATTAPOISETT — Hunting seasons in Mattapoisett open Oct. 7th and continue through the  end of the year, with limited small game and waterfowl hunting continuing into January and February 2020. Hunting activity will peak from Dec. 2 to 14.

Detailed information can be found at Mattapoisett is in Zone 11.

Mattapoisett Land Trust properties are open to lawful hunting, in accordance with state regulations. Land Trust property users should be aware of and respect hunters who are legally using Land Trust lands. Dress for safety by wearing blaze orange to improve visibility. To avoid hunters, hike at midday or on Sunday, as hunters are generally less active during the middle of the day, and no hunting is allowed on Sundays.

The Lands Trust remind hunters that all hunting stands must be removed at the end of the season.