Incumbents and new candidates enter Marion town election races

Mar 13, 2024

MARION — Races are heating up as Marion’s May 17 town election draws nearer, and nomination papers are taken out and returned.

Two candidates have taken out nomination papers for a seat on the Marion Select Board. Incumbent Randy Parker, who has held his seat since 2018, and first-time candidate Diane Lopes Flaherty are both in the running.

Parker said there are “many things in the municipal world that we want to get completed.”

“We've got a good team in place, and we want to continue the continuity that we have and keep things moving forward for the taxpayers,” he said.

Lopes Flaherty has worked for the city of Boston and the state attorney general's office and said she has been active in her community and city politics.

“I just want to be part of my community and decided I would give it a try with town selectman,” Lopes Flaherty said. “Because a lot of what they deal with is what I dealt with when I worked in Boston during the [Mayor Raymond] Flynn and [Mayor Thomas] Menino administration.”

In the race for Marion Planning Board two incumbents are running to keep their seats. ,

Incumbent Alanna Nelson has served on the board since 2021. She said she wants to “make sure there's somebody there ready to step up and do the homework.”

“We have lots to do, and you need people on the Planning Board who are willing to really do the homework, understand the zoning and how that compares to the plans that the town has done,” Nelson said.

Incumbent Jon Henry, who has also served since 2021, is also running to keep his seat..

“There are a number of land use initiatives on the radar screen here, and I just want to be involved in them,” Henry, a former Select Board member, said.

For the Marion School Committee, incumbent April Nye is running to retain her seat. Nye said she is “all about giving back to the community.”

“I feel as though our most important members of the community are our elderly and our children, and there isn't a thing that I don't feel as though I wouldn't do to help support either one of those groups,” Nye said. “And so honestly, I just want to continue the work that we have started and continue to try to make Sippican the best it can possibly be.”

Incumbent Michelle Ouelette Smith is also in the running. Ouelette Smith could not be reached for comment.

Brad Gordon took out nomination papers for Town Meeting Moderator, a position he has held since 2017.

Gordon has also previously served on the Marion School Committee and Planning Board. He said he has “always wanted to contribute to the community.”

“This is a way that I can contribute on a less frequent basis — but it's still a meaningful basis to the town — by acting as moderator to help facilitate the town meetings,” Gordon said.

For the Board of Health, incumbent John Howard took and returned nomination papers. Howard could not be reached for comment.

Incumbent George TJ Walker took out papers for the Board of Assessors. Walker could not be reached for comment.

These nominations are not yet certified and are as of Feb. 28. Those interested in running can take out and return nomination papers until March 25.