Jim Pierson presents backyard archeology to after school group

Oct 28, 2022

Hidden treasures and metal detectors were part of Jim Pierson’s presentation on an introduction to Backyard Archaeology to the Marion Natural History Museum’s after school group.

The students had a chance to take a close look at some of the artifacts he’s found in his backyard, and were shown how to use a metal detector to help find some of these items.

They learned some important suggestions for looking for artifacts including: always ask permission when working on someone else’s property, and use your eyes, brain and ears when looking for artifacts. If an article looks unusual or out of place given whatever else is in the area, take another closer look. It may’ve been worked by others for a purpose such as an arrowhead, old nails, parts of an old clock or farming equipment.

Pierson also helped the students work on some spears made with rocks, twine and piping for the kids to take home with them.

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